My old Schedule!

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Feel free to make your own similar schedule! Stay focused! I used this as my desktop wallpaper.



Rule of Thirds!

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Covered some basic Composition rules today!

Click here to watch! Click ‘On-Demand’ then the Nov 19 2009 video!

Also heres an easier way to set up the Rule of Thirds in Photoshop!

You can make a new action for this also –

So, new action, record

-> View
-> New Guide
-> In “Vertical” Box type 33% <enter>

-> View
-> New Guide
-> In “Vertical” Box type 66% <enter>

-> Repeat with the Horizontal Box.

-> Stop recording the Action.

Now you should have thirds setup on any document you use this action.

Hide/show them with “View > Extras” (You can make this as an action too)

Some more links on Composition!

New Streamin action!

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Fellow Daggers!

Things are finally coming together for us! Got a lot of cool things I wanna tell you about but I’m just waiting on some confirmation action… In the meantime though heres what we got goin on!

I’ll still be doing my LiveStream @ 9am EST but I’m gonna get more structured. There are now 3 Crimson Daggers LiveStreams you can follow :).

Mine will center around painting from life, and photos. I’ll also cover setting up an illustration!(click) We’re going to go through creating a good composition, focus, and all the other good stuff. Then I’ll start breaking down the things I know in photoshop :)!

Here are the two new LiveStreams!

Andrew Doma will be hosting a LiveStreamon Friday @ 10 pm EST! He’ll be covering setting up an environment painting, collecting refs, creating brushes and may cover studies as well. And unless he states otherwise he’ll be doing them everyother day and will be starting an environment Friday to bring to finish Tuesday(if time allows it!).

Zach(Collywobbles) will be hosting a LiveStream as well everyday @10 am EST(or directly after mine, unless he states otherwise… in which case we’ll find out tomorrow hahaha)! Focused on anatomy! His lines and technique is really helpful and I know it’ll be really awesome.

Really happy to see where this new action will take us! Hopefully you can catch each LiveStream and learn a good amount… I know I’m learnin a shit ton just doing it for myself haha.

All hail the Crimson Daggers!

PS – to watch previous Streams go to the links above and click ‘On-Demand’ then choose a video

Dave’s Live Stream

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We worked on paintin still lifes!

Click ‘On-Demand‘ and then the video marked ‘NOV 18 2009’

Zach’s Live Stream

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Zach(Collywobble) did a great stream on anatomy today. Check the video below!

Click ‘On-Demand’ then NOV 18 2009 clip